The History of the Global Resources for Environmental Education and Nature
Doing business as National Tiger Sanctuary

History of NTS

Global Resources for Environmental Education and Nature,National Tiger Sanctuary is a non-for-profit organization established in 2000 to create a safe and protected environment to connect with the diversity of creation.

The facility was built entirely with private funds provided through donations from individuals and membership support. National Tiger Sanctuary also provides interns from all over the world the opportunity to come and study under NTS. Many have returned time and time again just to volunteer throughout the years.

On an annual basis, NTS is inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), to ensure their ability to safely house tigers and other big cats, as well as the education and safety of the visitors and staff.


National Tiger Sanctuary is a non-profit, rescue organization that provides a permanent home for exotic and domestic animals. Our diverse learning campus is dedicated to preservation of the environment and exemplary animal care. We provide unique educational programs and experiences to foster a love and appreciation for nature in the heart of every visitor.

What Sets us apart

501(c)3, Non-profit Organization: National Tiger Sanctuary is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. Fees from tours, adoptions, merchandise, memberships, and donations go toward our educational programs and the care of our animals.

Quality Over Quantity: In order to provide the best care possible, we will never have so many cats that we cannot offer them specialized care. We are focused on developing personal relationships with each cat, which helps them have a happy, stress-free life.

Natural Surfaces: All of our cats have access to natural surfaces, such as grass, dirt, and straw. Limiting a cat to hard concrete can cause discomfort, sores, and arthritis.

Individualized Diets: Every day we prepare an individualized diet tailored to the preferences of each cat. We provide them a balanced diet of raw chicken, beef, and pork. We warm the meat to a natural temperature, because frozen food is not only unpleasant but can also induce vomiting.

Guided Tours: We only provide guided tours, because it ensures the cats have enough time to rest. Tigers need approximately eighteen hours of sleep each day. We are also closed two days each week to help keep the cats happy and healthy.