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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with National Tiger Sanctuary. Our volunteers are a valuable asset to our organization and we encourage you to become part of our team.

Some things you should know:

  1. All volunteers should be at least 18 years old and we cannot allow our volunteers to bring their minor children, family or friends with them when volunteering, unless they too are volunteering. Some exceptions will apply for children to do jobs outside of habitats with adult supervision

  1. Volunteers do a lot of maintenance household type chores (sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, windows, etc), including horticulture (gardening, grass cutting, weeding, etc). It can be strenuous work, you must be able to be on your feet all day and deal with extreme weather.

  1. Volunteers may also be asked at times to help out with cleaning the enclosures or assist in building an enclosure or other carpentry projects.

  1. Volunteers will assist with animal observation, whether it is medical, educational, or preventive measures. You may be required to stay overnight for any animal emergency procedures.

  1.  We do not allow touching of the animals or going behind spectator fence unless told to do so by someone on staff. According to the USDA you cannot handle any large felids after 12 weeks of age. They are big, playful cats, and accidents that occur can lead to their demise. We have been an accident free sanctuary and plan to stay that way.

  1. Volunteers will not go behind spectator fence while cats are on other side of enclosure, unless authorized by senior staff member.

  1. Volunteers are not considered interns, therefore you will have different responsibilities.

  1. Volunteers are required to attend up to 7 tours by regular staff before they can answer questions the public may have or assist with tours. Before you will be allowed to do a tour on your own you will be tested by running a tour for the staff.

  1. Volunteers will be required to visit various functions as representatives for the sanctuary after passing the tour test with staff.  You will be given a pamphlet about our history and the cat’s history. Please study it and keep yourself updated.

  1. Just as in any other job there will be no alcohol or drugs on the premises. Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will result in termination.

  1. Dress attire should be respectable, jeans or long pants, blank T-shirts or sanctuary shirts and closed-toed shoes, no sandals.           

  1. Cleanliness may be difficult to achieve at the sanctuary, especially when cleaning enclosures or working in garden, you may want to bring an extra shirt and/or pants just in case you have to deal with the public afterwards. Personal cleanliness is a must.

  1. Just as in any other work environment, religious, racial, age, disability or sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

  1. We need volunteers to help on a predictable schedule. This is a job, you will not be paid.
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